Renovation of Jumbo-Flamingo progressing as planned and work to resume in January after a Christmas break

Jumbo-Flamingo is currently undergoing renovation aimed at creating a more coherent and welcoming shopping centre in terms of atmosphere and appearance. During the summer and autumn, flooring and shop fronts have been renovated. A new use for demolition waste as art has been considered. Now under way, the first phase of the work will be completed by December 2024 and the total value of the project is around €25 million. Vantaa’s positive decision on the Light Rail Line will also increase the attraction of the shopping centre.

The renovation work, which started in the summer, is well under wayJumbo-Flamingo’s shopping aisles and concourses will get a more modern look with the replacement of the floors in the public areas. The finished floors can already be admired on the second floor near Stockmann main building and near the central square on the first floor. Work will resume in January next year. The uniform floor surfaces are creating a more coherent feel throughout Jumbo-Flamingo, ensuring an even better shopping experience for customers.

Work has also started on the renovation of the shop fronts on the first floor at the Stockmann end. When completed, the shop fronts will increase the visibility of the stores, allow for more individual looks, and make the entire shopping centre interior even more impressive.  

Preparatory work is already under way for Jumbo’s central square level extension, the construction of which will begin in early 2024, and the seating area on the market level has been demolished to make way for the supporting structures of the coming extension. The level extension is part of the upgrade of Jumbo’s central square, aimed at making it more spectacular and technically diverse. The extension will provide more comfortable seating and meeting areas for customers in the central square. 

“Overall, the renovation has gone well, although projects of this size always face some challenges, for example in terms of schedules. On the other hand flooring work, for example, has progressed faster than expected. Cooperation with tenants and customers has been smooth, and we have worked hard to achieve this,” says Shopping Centre Director, Olli Lehtoaro.

The renovation of Jumbo-Flamingo is linked to the development of the whole area. Last spring, Vantaa City Council made a decision to build the first Light Rail Line in Vantaa. This decision will increase the attraction of Jumbo-Flamingo and the surrounding area, as well as the whole of Vantaa. In the future, Jumbo-Flamingo will also be more accessible by public transport.

Work to resume in January after a Christmas break

A Christmas break in the renovation work has started and will last until 8 January 2024. After the break, the work will be more visible and audible across the shopping centre. 

“As has happened so far, we will continue to minimise the impact of the renovation work. Work will continue to be done mainly at night. We also want a period of quiet during the Christmas period, which is important for our shops and customers. In January, we will resume working towards an even more Jumbo-like shopping centre,” says Lehtoaro. 

A new life for demolition materials as art

Some of the demolished floor tiles left over from the renovation work will be given a new life as material for a community artwork by Vantaa artist Riika Anundi. The artwork will be created together with residents of the surrounding area in art workshops led by Anundi and unveiled at a weekend event in the spring. The first workshop was held at the end of October with sixth-graders from Veromäki School. 

The art workshops are part of the sustainability factor that Jumbo-Flamingo is using in an effort to become the most sustainable shopping centre in Finland. 

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