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The greatest responsibility in Finland

The biggest one carries the greatest responsibility! Jumbo-Flamingo is Finland’s largest shopping centre with 170 shops and services, thousands of employees and nearly 12 million visitors each year. For many Vantaa residents, Jumbo is the heart of the city, pumping life to a large area.  

We want to be worthy of our size in carrying our environmental and social responsibility. We have committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and created a sustainability programme until 2030. In short: We aim to be the most sustainable shopping centre in Finland, a fair workplace and the best neighbour in Vantaa. We want to create an economic impact locally and provide an equal, safe and more comfortable meeting place for the whole neighbourhood.  

The sustainability of Jumbo-Flamingo shopping centre consists of hundreds of actions in different sizes and thousands of daily choices. That is why we support our stores in taking sustainability actions and provide our visitors with information and inspiration on how they can make more sustainable choices in their daily lives. Together, we can carry the greatest responsibility in Finland

Jumbo-Flamingo’s Sustainability Review 2022

In Jumbo-Flamingo’s first sustainability review, we will share our goals in more detail as well as what we have already done in 2022 to reach the goals we have set. We will also give a brief overview of the acts of sustainability we have planned for 2023.

Jumbo-Flamingo’s acts of sustainability

In 2022, our acts of sustainability focused on ecological sustainability and drafting the sustainability programme, organising the sustainability work and creating indicators. In addition, ecological sustainability measures are now accompanied by social sustainability, which is at least as important. Read more about Jumbo-Flamingo’s acts of sustainability.

Acts of sustainability in shops

Among other things, Jumbo-Flamingo’s shops offer a variety of recycling and repair services and work actively to reduce food waste. Read more about shop-specific acts of sustainability that you can utilise as you shop with us.

Tips for a more sustainable life

We understand that it may feel challenging to make sustainable decisions in your busy daily life. We gathered some practical tips to support more sustainable consumption and responsible shopping.