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Jumbo-Flamingo shopping center is Finland’s largest shopping centre in terms of sales, with 170 stores including restaurants, cafés, entertainment services, two hypermarkets and 5,500 parking spaces. In addition, Finland’s largest hotel in terms of room availability operates as part of the shopping centre. In 2022, Jumbo-Flamingo’s sales were 482 million euros and there were 11.6 million visitors. Continuous development work produces results, an example of which is Jumbo-Flamingo’s continued success in both customer surveys and national rental satisfaction comparisons.

A sustainability program for the years 2022-2030 has been drawn up for Jumbo-Flamingo. The measures emphasise enabling sustainable choices in everyday life, the further development of social sustainability, and the desire to create a green and experiential place to meet and spend time in the shopping center. Jumbo-Flamingo’s goal is to be a carbon-neutral shopping center in 2025.

Interview requests should be directed to shopping centre manager Olli Lehtoaro. See contact details here. Where required, additional photos may be requested via

When using any images, the photographer’s name (Kari Palsila) must be mentioned.

Advertising at Jumbo-Flamingo

Advertise where consumers already are.

Jumbo-Flamingo is Finland’s largest shopping centre in terms of sales, with over a million visitors per month. There are 170 stores in the shopping centre, including restaurants, cafés, entertainment services and two hypermarkets. That is why it is a perfect location not only for the consumer but also for the advertiser.

In Jumbo-Flamingo’s interior, there are several vertical screens and two giant screens. Furthermore, the outdoor screens located at the entrances and outside areas of the shopping centre reach a large number of passers-by every day. It is also possible to purchase an attention-grabbing giant banner spot on the side of Flamingo in the direction of Kehä III (Ring III motorway).

For more details, inquire by email:

Available business premises

Jumbo-Flamingo offers excellent conditions for companies to do successful business. Pleasant and bright spaces, a strong inflow of customers, a strong unified entrepreneurial atmosphere and our image as one of Finland’s most attractive shopping centres all help the shopping centre’s shops and services succeed. We would be delighted to tell you more about business premises and opportunities available at Jumbo-Flamingo.

Promotional spaces

Jumbo-Flamingo has, in addition to permanent business premises, several promotional spaces for rent, which are located in central locations in the heart of the shopping center.

We recommend booking promotional spaces well in advance of the event, no later than two weeks before the space is required. Inquiries and reservations via Clear Channel:, tel. +358 20 7312058

Include your promotional event survey:
  • A brief description of the nature of your promotional event
  • Space requirements for the promotional event
  • Photo/plan of the stand
  • Desired dates for the event
  • Your contact details

We reserve the right to select promotional events suitable for Jumbo-Flamingo. The shopping centre has the right to move the reserved promotion space to another place in the shopping centre for reasons beyond the lessor’s control, including, for example, maintenance and repair work of the shopping centre or internal events.

Meeting and celebration spaces

In Jumbo-Flamingo, there are several different meeting and celebration rooms that are suitable, for example, for trainings or employer-organised wellbeing days, or celebrating birthdays or bachelor parties in your own group. At least the following companies rent private spaces and cabinets: Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo, BowlCircus bowling entertainment center, Flamingo Spa, Finnkino, Pikseli, Megazone, Classic American Diner and MySense by Flamingo Spa. Please remember that an activating entertainment programme, exercise activity, sauna shift, different indulgements or dining can also be planned in connection with the group’s preferences. Check out the group facilities and services below.

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We have built our Bowlcircuses into multi-purpose spaces that adapt to the needs of even larger groups.

The meeting rooms are equipped with modern presentation technology; in addition, there are flipcharts and note-taking equipment.

Our kitchen conjures up servings for occasions from breakfast to dinner.

Meeting facilities
Meeting room 1: 12 persons
Meeting room 2: 30 persons
Meeting room 3: 26 persons
Meeting rooms 2 & 3 together: 56 persons

Half-day meeting €36/person
All-day meeting €58/person

Prices VAT 0%

Contact details
Kimmo Lehtonen Oy / Bowlcircus

+358 (0)108418844

Further details

Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo

Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo has 12 modern, well-equipped meeting rooms, the sizes of which vary from a stylish meeting room with a diplomat-style table for 12 people to a meeting room for 140 people.

In addition to our own conference facilities, Finnkino’s six auditoriums (for 101-347 people) are at our disposal, offering the best possible sound and image reproduction technology and seating comfort.

For the biggest events, you can reserve a large auditorium as the main space and cabinets as, for example, product demonstration spaces.

Services provided by the restaurant Bankett Flamingo are available upon request and are suitable for various events for up to 300 people, from cocktail parties to seated gala dinners. A performance stage and a dance area can be arranged in the space. With the help of our partners, we would be delighted to create a custom-tailored event for you.

Our cabinets are also available for private events.

Spaces for 6 – 350 people

+358 (0)201234600

Further details

Finnkino Flamingo

Finnkino Flamingo has six halls with 101-347 seats.

Finnkino’s cinemas are suitable for many kinds of experiences and can be used to organise several types of events, from meetings to seminars. Soft, enjoyable chairs, auditorium-like rooms and wonderful, large screens form a creative space where you will surely succeed.

A seminar, training or, for example, a breakfast event in a movie milieu means taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Prices from €650 / 4 h

+358 (0)913119205

Further details

Flamingo Spa

Flamingo Spa

At Flamingo Spa, you can organize a relaxed meeting for groups of 6-30 people.

In our Adult spa, we have a Palmuhuone venue where you will feel like you are on a sandy beach. Its a perfect space for the groups of 6-25 persons. You can use a free Wi-Fi and a big screen that can be connected to a computer with an HDMI cable. It is possible to order delicious meals from the pool restaurant Spa Cafe.

MySense by Flamingo Spa

MySense by Flamingo Spa is a comprehensive beauty and wellness center. We have two private venues for groups.

Our biggest venue called Sali is suitable for groups of 20-30 persons. You can enjoy the meeting comfortably on our yoga mats or sitting traditionally. There is a free Wi-Fi and, if you wish, 1-2 flipcharts. There is a separate dressing room with mirrors and s shower.

Our smaller venue Lounge has chairs and tables for up to eight people. There is also a big screen with a HDMI cable. In the back of the Lounge, there is a sofa and two armchairs for relaxing, so in total you can rent the venue for max. 12 people.

Other services for groups and companies

We also offer catering service to our venues. In addition to spa visits, we also offer groups several different activity opportunities, such as pool boxing, pool cycling, yoga or group treatments.

More information and bookings
+35820 7785 201


Meeting room: 40 m2, located next to Megazone.

Meeting equipment: wifi, video projector, screen, flipchart

Other equipment: refrigerator

Max. 24 people for meeting and dining

For a short stay, it is also suitable for a larger group.

+358 (0)505730805

Further details