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Arrival and parking

Arriving at Jumbo-Flamingo is easy, regardless of your departure point or type of vehicle. There are more than 5,500 parking spaces in total and parking is free-of-charge for 5 hours. Bus stops are located in the immediate vicinity of Jumbo-Flamingo.

By car

At Jumbo-Flamingo, free-of-charge parking is available for a duration of 5 hours in two different parking garages.

Most of the parking spaces are located in the Jumbo parking garage, accessible via Vantaanportikatu street in front of Jumbo.

Flamingo’s parking garage can be accessed from Tasetie road, next to Flamingo’s main entrance.

By public transport

Arriving at the shopping center is easy with HSL’s AB zone ticket and using several buses within Vantaa. The stops are a short walk away along Tasetie road, Lentoasemantie (airport route) and Kehä III (Ring III motorway).

More detailed directions and stop locations can be found in Reittiopas.

By bicycle or city bike

Bicycle shelters can be found on two floors, in front of Jumbo’s entrances on parking levels P1 and P3. There are also places for bicycles next to Stockmann. Flamingo’s bicycle spaces can be found near the main entrance along Tasetie road, in the Flamingo courtyard, and next to the Rälssitie road entrance.

Check the locations of bicycle spaces on the map.

You can also ride a city bike to Jumbo-Flamingo or hop on one when you leave. You can find city bike parking spaces near Jumbo-Flamingo from April to October.

On the P3 level, city bikes can be found next to the entrance to the parking garage, next to the Bottle House. On the Market level, city bikes can be found at the entrance to the side of Tasetie Road. One bike rental station can also be found in front of Flamingo along Tasetie road. To ride the city bikes, you will need to download the Vantaan kaupunkipyörät (Vantaa City Bikes) app.

Read more about the app for city bikes (Vantaan kaupunkipyörät) and using city bikes on the HSL website.

Arrivals from the airport

Arriving at Jumbo-Flamingo from the airport is possible using several buses. Another option is to hop on the airport train and getting off at the Aviapolis train stop, and riding a bus from there. By taxi, the trip takes fifteen minutes.

More detailed directions can be found in Reittiopas.

Disabled parking

Disabled parking spaces can be found in the Jumbo parking garage on Levels 1 and 0.

Large vehicles

The clear height of the parking garages is 2.3 metres. Buses and other tall vehicles can be parked outside the parking garage in the outdoor parking areas next to Tasetie road or Vantaanportinkatu street.

There is a taxi rank on level P3 of the Jumbo parking garage, which can be used by disabled taxis with a height of up to 2.8 m. The taxi rank for large taxis is accessible from the side facing Vantaanportinkatu street, via the second entrance of the parking garage.

Electric cars

There are 76 charging points for electric cars in the Jumbo parking garage, which are located in the parking garage on levels P1 (green level), P2 (yellow level) and P3 (purple level). There are four charging points for electric cars in the Flamingo parking garage.

The charging point can be recognised by the green light on the pole and the accompanying sign. Charging is subject to a fee. See the shopping centre map for more detailed information on the locations of charging points.