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Let’s make it even more Jumbo-like!

Jumbo-Flamingo is being renewed!

In the future, we will be an even more integrated, more comfortable, and more easily accessible shopping mall – Vantaa’s warmest hug!

We are building relaxed recreational facilities and places to meet others. We are introducing more enjoyable experiences and good feelings, more wellbeing, and more green areas with a sense of atmosphere. We are also increasing the ease of movement. At the same time, we are helping to make sustainable choices a reality in everyday life. Our renewal is part of the development of the entire vicinity. The first phase of the Even more Jumbo-like! renewal project will be complete at the end of 2024.

Pssst! Please note.

Due to the revolving door being dismantled, the usual route on the connecting bridge between Jumbo and Flamingo will be closed daily from 7:00 to 11:00. During that time, you can use the temporary route adjacent to the revolving door.

The ATM area is being renovated and the TalletusOtto ATM machine is not in use for about a week. You can find standard Otto ATMs on the market level and in front of the 1st floor Apteekki / Pharmacy. During the renovation, the nearest TalletusOtto can be found in K-Citymarket Tammisto.

For the expansion of Jumbo’s central square, scaffolding has been erected on the market level, which takes up some space from the aisles in front of the markets.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is the renewal being done?

We want to respond to our customers’ changing expectations also in the future. Through renewal, we are consolidating our growth, increasing our magnetism, and ensuring that we will overwhelmingly be Number One in Finland also in the years to come.

When will the renovations start and when will everything be ready?

The work was started at the beginning of July with the change in floor tiles in the public areas on the 2nd floor at the end section of Stockmann, with the work continuing phase-by-phase towards Jumbo’s central square. As of September onwards, various alterations will be simultaneously undertaken in other parts of the shopping mall as well.

A labour break will take place during the 2023 Christmas shopping period to allow the elves a little peace to do their work.

The first phase of the renewal effort should be completed in time for Christmas 2024.

Will the renewal project affect comings-and-goings in the shopping mall?

The object is to handle the work so that it causes the least amount of inconvenience to our customers as possible. Noisy jobs will be done mainly at night. Stores and services will remain open normally and the transit routes will stay in operation.

Where can the progress of the renewal be followed?

You can follow the progress of the renewal work on our Facebook and Instagram channels. Our Jumbo promoters will observe how the work continues right on the spot and report the latest news.

On our social media channels, you will also find other topical and interesting content related to the renewal effort. You will find the same stories also here online to allow you to monitor the progress of the contract.

What is being done in the renewal?

We are modernising the Jumbo-Flamingo indoor and outdoor surfaces so that the shopping mall will look and feel more like an integrated whole. We are updating the familiar central areas to make them more impressive and more versatile in terms of their technology.

We are also applying special effort to the comfort of our customers in Jumbo-Flamingo’s public premises. New, more attractive recreational facilities and a greener environment invite visitors to sit down and take a breather.

After the renewal, it will be nicer for us to take care of business and easier to enjoy the ambience.