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Services for visitors

Familiarise yourself with Jumbo-Flamingo’s diverse services:

Jumbo customer service desk

You can find our customer service desk on the 1st floor of Jumbo, on the corner of the central square. The service desk offers services in Finnish and English, and is open during the shopping centre opening hours. Further services offered by the customer service desk include HSL route guidance and other guidance on shopping centre services, taxi orders, the opportunity to use iPads and announcements. You are welcome to notify the customer service desk about maintenance or cleaning needs related to the shopping centre. You can also charge your mobile phone’s battery at the customer service desk.

Recycling points

At Jumbo-Flamingo, recycling is easily handled during a shopping trip. You can find our largest recycling point in front of Jumbo, in the outdoor parking area. You can also leave bottles, cans and SER waste at the bottle recycling points of the Bottle House located in the middle of the parking garage.

Recycling of household waste

At Jumbo-Flamingo, you can recycle a wide variety of household recycling materials. Our largest recycling point can be found in the outdoor parking area on the Lentoasemantie side, in front of Jumbo.

What can be recycled at the recycling point?

    • Glass

    • Cardboard

    • Paper

    • Small metal items

    • Plastic bags and packaging

    • Clothes

Our regional recycling point is maintained by HSY (Helsingin Region Environmental Services) and Suomen Pakkauskierrätys RINKI Oy.

Bottle recycling

Jumbo-Flamingo’s bottle recycling points are located on Jumbo’s parking levels P1 and P3, in the Bottle House located in the middle of the parking garage. Adjacent to them, you can also find collection containers for clear and coloured glass, small metal items, cardboard and batteries. The bottle recycling points at the Bottle House open daily at 06:15. See the shopping centre map for exact locations.


SER waste

The SER recycling point can be found at both bottle return points in the Jumbo parking garage on parking levels P3 and P1. You can bring ink cartridges, discarded electronic small machines, mobile phones with batteries, and fluorescent tubes to the SER recycling point. Memory devices should be erased before disposal, if possible.


Read more about Jumbo-Flamingo’s acts of sustainability and recycling opportunities.


Dog parking

The dog parking facility can be found on the P1 level of the Jumbo parking garage, near the entrance to the Market level. There are 5 lockable cages reserved for dogs, where they can safely wait for the duration of the shopping trip. Dogs are, of course, also welcome inside the shopping centre’s public spaces (excluding grocery stores).


Jumbo-Flamingo offers many useful and fun services and facilities for families with children. The shopping centre is regularly visited by our child-friendly mascot Jupu Pupu, with events aimed at families with children also being organised every year. The comfort of our little visitors is so important to us that we have children’s toilets in our shopping centre, where there are children’s toilet basins that are more suitable for young children, along with children’s steps at the bottle recyling points, which also allow children to reach the bottle recycling machines.

Children’s play areas

  • Jupu Pupu’s play area is located on the 1st floor of Jumbo, at the end of the restaurant area, next to Hesburger. Jumbo’s largest play area features a slide, children’s games, and building blocks of various sizes for making your own structures and obstacle courses. The play area is open during the opening hours of the shopping centre.
  • Climbing house and a carousel can be found inside Prisma, at the market level. These can be used by families with children, all completely free-of-charge.

Nappy changing stations and childcare room

In Jumbo-Flamingo, there are a total of six nappy changing points adjacent to the disabled toilets, four on the Jumbo side and two on the Flamingo side. Further to these, there is a larger childcare room on the Jumbo side, which can be found on the 1st floor of Jumbo, next to Hesburger, at the end of the corridor.

In Jumbo’s cosy, spacious childcare room, looking after babies is easy using our child-friendly facilities. The childcare room has a microwave and a small dining area, as well as a quiet breastfeeding corner. Adjacent to the childcare room is a vending machine that can be used to buy individual diapers, snacks and cleaning wipes for children. See the exact locations on the shopping centre map.

Strollers and shopping carts for families with children

Jumbo-Flamingo also has a few baby strollers to borrow, which you can inquire about at the Customer Service point located in the Jumbo central square. Strollers can be borrowed free-of-charge from the Customer Service point for the duration of one’s shopping trip.

On Jumbo’s market level (level 0), at the foot of the escalators leading to the upper levels, you can find crib-shaped trolleys for small babies and shopping trolleys with seats for up to two children. Children’s shopping trolleys that look like little cars also make the shopping trip more fun: they can be found between the supermarkets right near the entrance.

Jupu Pupu

Jumbo-Flamingo’s Jupu Pupu mascot entertains children visiting the shopping centre, especially during the holidays. On days when Jupu Pupu is visiting the centre, you are most certain to find our our long-eared friend at the central square between 11:00 and 17:00, on the hour.


Visitors with disabilities

Jumbo-Flamingo wishes to guarantee accessible facilities for everyone. In exchange for your personal details, you are welcome to borrow a wheelchair to improve your visit to the shopping centre. You can borrow a wheelchair from our guards at the P3 level main entrance and at the market level between K-Citymarket and Prisma (level 0).

In Jumbo-Flamingo, toilets with disabled access can be found adjacent to all other WC facilities. Moving between different levels is easy using our numerous elevators.

On the P3 level of Jumbo’s parking garage, near the main entrance, there is a taxi rank that can accommodate taxis up to 2.8 m high.

Lost and found

If you have any questions regarding lost items, contact Jumbo’s Customer Service point located in the central square (level 1), tel. +358 (0)9 77446068 /

Items found in Jumbo-Flamingo are kept for about two weeka after their disappearance, after which they are handed over to the Finnish Lost and Found Service or to the Police. All items found in the shopping centre amount to property found in a public place and therefore no discovery fee is paid for them, and their ownership rights are never transferred to the finder. After about two weeks, you can inquire about lost and found goods from the Finnish Lost and Found Service at +358 (0)600 41006.


At Jumbo-Flamingo you will find several ATMs and deposit machines. The machines can be found on the market level (level 0), next to the main entrance on level 1, in front of Robert’s Coffee and next to Stockmann.

Money can be deposited using the machine next to Stockmann and the machine in front of Robert’s Coffee during the shopping centre opening hours (Mon-Sat 10-20 and Sun 11-18). Check the locations of the machines on the shopping centre map.

Postal services and parcel points

Mailboxes are located at all main entrances to the shopping center: on the market level, on the P3 level near the main entrance and Stockmann, and by the main entrance of Flamingo.

Posti’s parcel point and a DHL, Postnord and DB Schenker parcel pick-up point can be found between K-Citymarket and Prisma (level 0), near the walkways.

You can conveniently pick up your online purchases from the parcel point during your shopping trip, once you have received a text message notification of the parcel having arrived. You can also use the parcel point to send parcels by paying for postage on Posti’s website and reserving a slot at the parcel point of your choice. See the location of the parcel machines on the shopping centre map.

Storage lockers

You can store goods in Jumbo-Flamingo’s storage lockers located on the market level (level 0). The lockers accept any contact-free payment card (e.g. Plussa or S-Etu cards). Using the lockers is free of charge. Please note that the lockers are in use during the opening hours of the shopping centre and the lockers are always emptied after the shopping centre closes. See the location of the storage lockers on the shopping centre map.

In the event of a storage locker fault, you are welcome to contact Jumbo’s security guard at +358 (0)9-7744 6041, and you can inquire about items left in the lockers at the Customer Service desk at +358 (0)9 77446068 or by email:


At Jumbo-Flamingo, using WiFi is easy and free of charge — we offer our customers a free WLAN connection.

Wörkkis – the workspace

The new Wörkkis workspace, open to everyone, has been opened in Flamingo, offering facilities for remote work as well as studying. In the workspace, you will find various workstations, from desks to relaxed sofas, as well as a soundproof phone booth for important calls. Best of all, the shopping center’s extensive restaurant and café services are nearby and at your disposal. There are also storage lockers in the workspace, where you can leave your things when you are visiting elsewhere, as long as you bring your own lock with you and empty the locker after you finish working in the workspace. Free WiFi is available in Wörkkis, and there is no need to make a reservation in advance. Wörkkis is open Mon-Fri 08:00-20:00, Sat 08:00-18:00, and Sun 11:00-18:00.

The Wörkkis workspace can be found on level 2 of Flamingo, next to Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo. If you arrive by car, the nearest entrance from the parking garage is B2.

Shared cars

At Jumbo-Flamingo, you may borrow shared cars that can be used based on a per-minute charge payable by phone. Log in and register for the service of your choice at or, where you can also access a list of cars available for rent and their rental prices.

You can return the car to the parking areas identified by the application around Helsinki. A 24Rent car can also be used for a longer period of time. In these cases, the car must be returned to the Jumbo parking garage.

Shared cars can be found in Jumbo’s P3 parking garage, immediately to the right of the first entrance.