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Tips for a more sustainable life

Making more sustainable choices in the everyday starts with small acts and observations. Save our tips for your next shopping trip.   

Plan ahead

When you plan ahead, it’s easier to buy only what you truly need. If you are trying to come up a gift, maybe a gift card or an experience is a good option.


Renting versus buying

For parties and other special events, think about renting instead of buying. For example, you could rent an outfit or additional dishes for a once-in-a-lifetime party.

Get to know certificates and labels

It’s easy to get lost in the jungle of certificates as there are so many kinds. Certificates may reveal, for example, sustainable production practices or materials, which makes it easier for you to shop. Start by getting to know a few easy-to-identify labels that you buy frequently. The ability to identify and remember labels increases quickly.

Pay it forward and buy second hand

Do you have clothes or items that you no longer use? Put them up for sale or recycle them. For example, Emmy is a convenient way to sell your unused clothes, and many shops also sell second-hand products.

Get to know take-back and recycling services

Various shops at Jumbo-Flamingo take back products purchased from the shop for further processing or recycling. Some shops will even give you a discount coupon in connection with the return, so your wallet will thank you as well. Read more about the shops’ acts of sustainability.

Join the fight against food waste

Whether it’s a buffet restaurant or your own kitchen, planning pays off at the dinner table. As you add food to your plate or in your shopping bag, take only as much as you actually need, and you are already reducing food waste.

Utilise public transport or bike parking stations

Jumbo-Flamingo is easy to access by public transport. The bus stops are just a short walk away.  There are several bike parking stations near Jumbo, and city bikes are available from April to October. Read more about arriving at Jumbo-Flamingo.

Be merciful

It’s not always easy or simple to make sustainable and responsible choices. Start small – you will slowly learn more about sustainable consumption and make it a habit!