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Acts of sustainability in shops

Shop-specific acts of sustainability per category:

Charity fundraisers and events


From time to time, Emotion donates usable but unsaleable cosmetics to the Hyvä Arki organisation.

Flamingo Spa

Flamingo Spa collaborates with various organisations to support, among others, low-income families by offering them free or heavily discounted waterpark experiences. For example, Flamingo Spa has organised a free day at the waterpark for children in children’s homes.


K-Citymarket participated in the Lions Club Auta lasta, auta perhettä (Help the child, help the family) fundraiser on 18 March 2023, in which customers can buy an item and donate it to a family with children in need. During the Christmas season, K-Citymarket participates in the Joulupuu campaign to donate Christmas gifts to low-income families.

Musti & Mirri

Musti & Mirri organises fundraisers and donates expired products to Helsinki Humane Society HESY ry.


Partioaitta organises an annual jacket collection on the Night of the Homeless. You can participate by donating jackets in good condition at a time communicated by Partioaitta. The jackets will then be distributed to the homeless.


PETRIFUN Store organises an annual replace your shirts campaign during which you will get a discount on a new product if you bring in a recyclable shirt in exchange. The old shirts will be donated to charity. The time period varies from year to year.


Sinsay participates in Hope’s Joulupuu collection each Christmas.


Stockmann collaborates with the Save the Children fundraiser, among other things.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop’s loyal customer bonuses can be donated to charity. Occasionally, the assortment includes products for which a part of the sales will be donated to charity. The Body Shop campaigns for various societal problems. In addition, The Body Shop participates in various charity raffles to help, for example, homeless dogs in Bulgaria.

Each Christmas, The Body Shop collects money for a different charity so that a proportion of the gifts customers purchase is donated directly to charity.

Recycling services and take-back services

Aleksi 13

A product purchased from Aleksi 13 can be returned to Aleksi 13. Clean clothes in good condition will be sold on the Luhta Re-Use online shop, while other clothes will be reused as textile fibres. The customer receives a discount code in exchange for the returned clothes.

Clas Ohlson

Clas Ohlson takes back empty ink cartridges. If you are a Club Clas member, you will get credit for the cartridges which can be utilised for in-shop purchases. Cals Ohlson also accepts lightbulbs, fluorescent tubes and small electronic devices for recycling.


When you buy a new phone, Elisa gives you credit if you recycle your old phone. The credit varies on the basis of the condition and model of the old phone. Where possible, the phone will be refurbished and receive a new, happy owner. Phones that cannot be refurbished will be sent to partners who collect the raw materials from the phones.


Emmy is Finland’s largest second-hand online shop and turn-key sales service for brand clothing. Jumbo has Emmy-boxes in the following locations:

  • Stockmann Jumbo, 2nd floor, next to the cash register at the children’s department. The box is emptied every Monday.
  • Esprit Jumbo, emptied every odd week on Mondays.


Emotion accepts customers’ expired perfumes and nail polishes. The nail polishes are processed in a high-temperature incineration oven at a Fortum plant designed for processing hazardous waste.


Fonum accepts old phones for recycling. In addition, Fonum buys old phones. The reimbursement depends on the condition and model of the device.


The Halti shop accepts used Halti outdoor clothing. Clothes in good condition are donated to those in need through Hope ry and Kotimaanapu. When you bring in something for recycling, Halti gives you a 10% discount on a regular priced item. Items that are no longer fit for recycling are donated as raw material for reuse.


H&M collects textiles regardless of brand and condition. They are either reused or sent to recycling. H&M members earn points for recycling and get a discount coupon.

Jumbon Apteekki

Jumbon Apteekki accepts household medical waste.


You can recycle old ink cartridges, batteries, small household appliances (WEEE) and lightbulbs at K-Citymarket.


Silmäasema collects used glasses.


Specsavers accepts old glasses for reuse.


Stockmann has a recycling point for textile waste. You can bring the textile waste in a plastic bag to the collection trolley at Stockmann (2nd floor, children’s department).

Textile waste refers to broken, faded and otherwise unusable clothing and household textiles as long as they are dry and clean. Small, dry stains do not matter. Jackets, trousers, skirts, shirts, sheets, towels and tablecloths can be brought in for textile waste collection in tightly sealed plastic bags. All textile waste is sorted, processed and reused as raw material for new textiles. For hygiene reasons, underwear, socks, pillows, duvets, padding, rugs, belts, bags or shoes or textiles that are damp, oily, mouldy, heavily scented or infested with bugs are not accepted. These can be sorted as mixed waste.

Polarn O. Pyret

Polarn O. Pyret offers a second-hand service that allows their members to bring used PO.P clothing for resale in the shop, for which the member receives a discount coupon.

Yeppo & Soonsoo

Yeppo & Soonsoo collects empty cosmetics containers. When you return an empty cosmetics container, you will receive a 10% discount for each recycled product.

Products promoting circular economy

The following shops have announced that they sell products that promote the circular economy.


Fonum sells used phones and tablets.


Halti has created an ECO label for its products so that information regarding the products’ origins and materials would be easily available. ECO means that the product must fulfil at least one of the following requirements:

  • The material used in the products complies with the bluesign® restrictions.
  • The product is made from recycled materials.
  • The product’s water resistance treatment is carried out completely without perfluorinated compounds.
  • The product is made from organic cotton.
  • The down used in the product is traceable and made from high-quality certified by-products of the food industry.


Iittala offers a Vintage service, a dish service and a 100% recycled glass collection.

The Vintage service gives new life to Iittala’s products. With the new recycling format, customers can sell or purchase products in the continuously updated Vintage collection in Iittala shops.

The purpose of Iittala’s dish service, founded in 2021, is to support circular economy. The service offers an ecologically sustainable alternative to owning products and makes it possible to reuse and recycle the products 100%. The dish service offers collections, cutlery, glasses and cookware for a monthly fee. The objective is to offer new alternatives to traditional owning. The dishes customers return to the shop are recycled for reuse or sold through the Vintage service.

Each product in Iittala’s recycled collection is made from 100% recycled glass material obtained from glass waste from the Iittala glass factory.

Iloinen Heppu

Iloinen Heppu sells Plan Toys, a collection of ecological and safe wooden toys. Plan Toys are made from rubber trees that no longer produce latex. The entire rubber tree is ground from its roots to the branches. The mass obtained from the rubber tree is mixed with non-toxic vegetable dyes. The mix is then pressed back into solid form with non-toxic glue. The packages use recycled paper and non-toxic water-based ink. Plan Toys’ products, made sustainably from rubberwood, go through a rigorous screening process and fulfil international standards in terms of both safety and environmental friendliness (ASTM, EN 71, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000).  Surplus wood from the production of the products is utilised in a biomass generator which produces electricity for the entire factory and local villages.

Iloinen Heppu also sells Affenzahn animal backpacks made from materials containing 50% recycled PET bottles.


Intersport sells products with a Vastuullinen valinta (Responsible choice) label. Each product contains a more detailed description of the particular product’s materials, features and potential certifications to make it easier to examine the product’s sustainability and features. Among other things, the collection includes products with a greener production process, products made from natural or recycled materials and products that consider the possibility for further recycling.


Most JYSK textile products, such as the Kunna products, are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. This means that the product does not contain harmful substances. Some of JYSK’s products are also MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® certified, which is an extension of the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label. This ensures environmentally friendly and socially responsible manufacturing.


Among other things, Life’s selection contains ecological cleaning products, natural cosmetics and vegan beauty products.


Partioaitta’s Vihreämpi valinta (Greener choice) label helps customers find more sustainable products. No product is 100% sustainably made, but this label helps you find the more sustainable options. Of the assortment, 20% fulfil the Vihreämpi valinta criteria.

These products have gone through a very careful evaluation process. They adhere to the minimum criteria in Partioaitta’s ethical business standards, in addition to which they do not contain any exclusion criteria and fulfil at least four additional sustainability criteria.


Most of Pentik’s furniture are old, restored furniture or made from reclaimed wood. The clay waste created in the ceramics manufacturing at Pentik’s own factory is reprocessed and used in the following batch.  In accordance to Pentik’s values, it aims to select primarily recycled and certified materials when selecting materials for their products.

Polarn O. Pyret

Polarn O. Pyret sells second hand products. In addition, at least 70%* of materials in PO.P’s clothes have a smaller impact on people, the environment and animals. PO.P uses the following sustainability labels:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • GOTS Made with organic cotton
  • Organic cotton
  • Recycled polyester
  • Recycled polyamide
  • Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)
  • Reclaimed fabrics (made from surplus materials)
  • LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose
  • TENCEL™ Lyocell

*Applies to products manufactured as of spring 2023.


Ruohonjuuri is a Finnish chain of shops for holistic and natural wellness. It specialises in dietary supplements, superfoods, natural cosmetics and nutritious organic snacks. Ruohonjuuri carries out a sustainability survey with its partners to examine the sustainability of the offered products and brands in the following areas: certifications, social responsibility, ethical production, ecological packaging, promotion of circular economy, environmental footprint, charity and more. Ruohonjuuri’s objective is to promote sustainable development in the long run.

Ruohonjuuri collaborates with Globe Hope. For example, Ruohonjuuri’s advertising banners are repurposed into unique products, such as reusable bags, toiletry bags and laptop covers.


Silmäasema’s ECO and MonkeyGlasses collections are made from at least partially recycled materials.


Specsavers’ ReWear frames are made from partially recycled and bio-based materials. The manufacturing process utilises recycled plastic bottles to create trendy and high-quality frames.

Suomen Kultakello

Suomen Kultakello sells products made from recycled gold.


Superdry’s collection includes vegan shoes and products made from organic cotton.

The Body Shop

A new item at The Body Shop is refillable packaging. It has eliminated unnecessary plastic and cardboard packaging from products and considered the potential for reuse in most gift packs.


UFF’s selection includes recycled clothes, accessories and household textiles for people of all ages.

Repair services

The following shops offer repair services.

Aleksi 13

Aleksi 13 offers alteration services for clothing purchased from the shop, for example, hemming. It works with tailor Ompelimo Tuplatikki in Tikkurila.


Esprit offers alteration services for clothes, for example, hemming.


Fonum offers an express maintenance service for phones of nearly any brand and model.


Halonen offers a sewing service for various kinds of alterations to clothing purchased from Halonen shops or online. In addition to hemming, the services include, among other things, sewing buttons, shortening straps, changing zippers and various taking-in jobs. Halonen purchases sewing services locally from various entrepreneurs, and the professional dressmakers are generally small businesses or private traders.


Fixaa is Halti’s product repair advisory service that extends the lifecycle of clothes.

NP Housukauppa

NP Housukauppa offers a hemming service for trousers bought from the shop.


You can have your shoes or G-1000 clothing waxed at Partioaitta’s product maintenance point.


Pentik offers a sewing service for fabrics bought from the shop. It also works with a sewing partner who does repair sewing.

Polarn O. Pyret

PO.P Repairs is a repair service paid for by the customer. All other outdoor clothing besides rainwear can be repaired.  The repairs include replacing a zipper or its parts, iron-on repair patches and attaching buttons or press studs. For other repairs, the personnel assesses on a case-by-case basis whether the clothing can be repaired so that it is still usable. PO.P’s VIP members get one free repair per year, and the rest of the repairs are paid for by the customer.


Specsavers offers repair services for glasses and sunglasses.


Stockmann’s sewing shop offers alteration of new clothing as well as repairs for clothing bought elsewhere.


Telia repairs mobile devices.

Reducing food waste

The following grocery shops and restaurants reduce food waste through various measures.


K-Citymarket aims for as little food waste as possible through assortment management and prognosis and material requirements planning. It plans and implements order activities with the help of artificial intelligence and predictability to try to make the order quantities as specific as possible.

In addition, K-Citymarket aims to reduce food waste in the following ways:

  • By selling products about to expire on the “last chance” shelf for a discounted price.
  • By selling bread waste from the shop’s own bakery and other producers for €2 per 3 loaves of bread in the evenings.
  • Smooth it makes smoothies for the day by using good but aesthetically challenged fruit.
  • By selling grilled products from the hot foods display with a 50% discount in the evenings.
  • By selling bakery items with a 50% discount in the evenings.
  • By donating fruit waste to animals through partners.
  • By donating food fit for human consumption but no longer sold to the Vantaa Shared Table food waste terminal five days a week and to Vantaan Apuraide ry on Saturdays.


Prisma aims to reduce food waste in the following ways:

  • By offering products about to expire (“red-label products”) for a discounted price.
  • By discounting food products in the evening by 60%.
  • By donating food fit for human consumption to the Vantaa Shared Table charity every day.
  • By donating food with broken packages still fit for eating to animal organisations.
  • By directing inedible food waste either as biofuel or feed or to biogas production.

ResQ – sovellus

The ResQ app enables you to buy restaurant food with a 30–60% discount and rescue surplus dishes from restaurants and cafés. The following shops use ResQ:

  • Deliberi Flamingo
  • Hokkaido Sushibuffet
  • Espresso House
  • Rax Flamingo
  • Ravintola Huadu
  • Jungle Juice Bar
  • Cafe Picnic

Rental services

The following shops offer rental services.


You can try out a mattress topper by renting one for a week.


Tunninkuva rents out a Fuji Instax camera.