Banking service

From Jumbo shopping centre you will find an ATM cash withdrawal and ATM cash deposits. ATM cash withdrawals can be found from 1st floor by the main entrance and opposite to Robert’s Coffee. ATM cash deposit may be found at Sockmann’s end, next to Jungle Juice Bar. Locations have been marked with red dots to floor plan below.



Jumbo offers spacious cycle parking facilities in front of K-citymarket and Prisma on level P1. There are numerous bicycle stands near the entrances on level P1, as well as in the vicinity of the main entrance on level P3 and the entrance to Stockmann.


Time flies at the children’s playground – the interactive play mat with its splashing goldfish and bouncing frogs is just one example of the many captivating attractions for your smaller family members. The playground is located on the 1. floor next to Robert’s Coffee. There is also another playground for children in Jumbo called Robolounge, where kids can play different games. You can find Robolounge next to Stadium. In addition, Entertainment Centre Flamingo features an indoor adventure park for children called Naurusaari.

There is five baby changing facilities in Jumbo, which are marked to the floor plan below with red dots. In Jumbo’s spacious and cozy baby changing facilities you can take care of your baby in a child-friendly, stylish environment. The most spacious facility room is located on the 1. floor next to Hesburger.

You can also borrow a stroller from our information desk (1. floor, central square). From the information desk you can get a name tag for your child where to mark down a phone number to easily get contact in case you get lost from each other.

There are multiple different shopping trolleys for easy shopping even with small children; there’s styles for small babies, one child and two children to comfortably sit in.

Jumbo’s own Jupu Pupu -mascot entertains children at the shopping centre especially around holidays.

Jupu Pupu


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