Jumbo provides a total of 4,600 parking spaces, and the first five hours of parking are free of charge.

The clearance height of our parking garage is 2.3 metres.

Parking for buses and other high vehicles is available in the outdoor car parks next to Tasetie and Vantaanportinkatu.

Located on level P3, Jumbo’s taxi station can be accessed by wheelchair taxis up to 2.8 metres in height.

Parking spaces for people with deduced mobility can be found on parking levels P1 and P3 in the entarnce’s immediacy. These spaces have been marked to the maps below.

Our car parks are open for use during the shopping centre’s opening hours.

On parking level P5 you will find Europe’s first shopping centre airport parking which is executed by GoParking.


Bicycle shelters are located in front of Prisma and K-citymarket on level P1. In addition, bicycle stands are available near the entrances to Stockmann on level P1, and next to the main entrance and the entrance to Stockmann on level P3. Check the specific locations from here.

There are five parking spaces with free use of charging stations for electric cars. They are located in the parking garage on level P1, in front of the main entrance on level P3 and in front of the main entrance to Stockmann on level P3. You will be able to identify the charging stations by the green indicator light on the pole. Check the specific locations from here.

Parking supervision is the responsibility of the City of Vantaa Parking Services.

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