Gift card

Gift card (part 1)

Let her/him choose – Jumbo’s shopping centre gift card

Let the gift receiver choose exactly such present what they truly want.
Now it is effortless with Jumbo’s shopping centre gift card, which can be used for shopping, eating at restaurants or for example purchasing week’s groceries!

Gift card (part 2)

Purchasing the gift card from shopping centre

You can purchase the gift card either from Jumbo’s customer service desk (1st floor, central square) or via webshop.
Gift card can be uploaded with any chosen value between 10-250 € and its valid for 12 months from upload date.
Jumbo’s shopping centre gift card can be purchased with the most common bank/credit cards, except for DinersClub and American Express cards.
Giftcard can not be converted to money.
Value of returned products bought with shopping centre gift card will be refunded as cash or store’s own gift card.

Purchasing the gift card from webshop

When purchasing a shopping centre gift card from webshop, you will reveive a code for collection via email or text message (depending on your choosing). Once you have received a code for collection, this is used to collect your gift card at Jumbo Shopping Centre’s 1st floor customer service point. Remember to take the code with you when collecting the gift card, otherwise the gift card will not be handed over.

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Gift card (part 3)

Usage of gift card

Jumbo’s gift card is valid for 12 months from upload date and is applicable tender in Jumbo’s stores.
Gift card is applicable in all Jumbo shopping centre’s stores except for banks and currency exchange points.

Gift card (part 4)

Checking gift cards balance and period of validity

Gift card’s balance is good to check before shopping, since it’s not possible to check the balance nor period of validity on Jumbo’s stores’ cashiers.
You can purchase only with the value the gift card has left on it. You can check the card’s balance and validity date easily by clicking here with QR code behind the card or 16-digit card number or at Jumbo’s customer service desk. When checking the balance or validity date on previously mentioned webpage, use the 16-digit ID-number from backside of the gift card.

Gift card is ready for use straight after upload.

Let her/him choose!

Gift card (part 5)